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The Dwelling Gem

Green Plant Witch Broom Crystal Pendant

Green Plant Witch Broom Crystal Pendant

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This piece is perfect for anyone who loves plants, magic and all things witchy! Witch plants have long been associated with magic and whimsy, and the Green Plant Witch Broom pendant is a perfect example of this. The gorgeous silver monstera leaf front and twisty viny leafy branch handle are both lush and green, evoking images of dense magical forests. And the sparkling Madagascar sapphire is a beautiful green and blue color, making it look like a piece of magical sky. The whole pendant is Sterling silver, with a beautiful fan-like black kyanite crystal to resemble the bristles of the besom. It comes on a long black cord, making it perfect for wearing as a necklace. Whether you're a witch or just love all things magical, this pendant is sure to delight.

Pendant is appx. 3 and a half inches long.

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