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Secret Garden • Kaleidoscope Crystal Necklace

Secret Garden • Kaleidoscope Crystal Necklace

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The Celtic Crystals Collection has arrived! This thirteen piece jewelry series honors the coming of Spring while celebrating the rich symbolism and culture of the Celtic people. Juicy green tourmaline, icy blue aquamarine, and a variety of stunning quartz crystals make up the entirety of this limited edition collection. These crystal jewels are adorned with flowing ivy leaves, bold Viking knots, swirling triskeles, and the eternal triquetra, and every design element made accents and compliments it's crystal pairing perfectly. Enjoy!

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The Secret Garden Kaleidoscope crystal necklace, featuring a magical garden quartz crystal that has a whole world inside of it! Stunning inclusions that are reminiscent of forest moss or lichen, an enchanted underwater kelp forest, or even a far away galaxy of sorts; This glorious crystal has a secret garden "portal" on the top of the cap so the wearer can peer down into the crystal to view its gorgeous inclusions from all angles and sides. Stamped ivy leaves and silver vines flow effortlessly around the portal to give extra whimsy to the crystal and the wearer's crystal gazing pleasure. Set inside of a hand pressed Viking knot silver setting to add even more boldness and Celtic flare to an already incredible specimen, this one of a kind crystal necklace is so unique and magical you may even find some Fae Folk floating around inside the inclusions if you look hard enough. Handcrafted out of sterling silver and hangs from a 26 inch thick paperclip linked silver chain.

Pendant measures appx. 2inches long and about 3/4 of an inch wide/deep.

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